Data Management

It is the information age. Companies are relying heavily on enterprise planning systems like ERP, SCM, and CRM to automate and manage their enterprise resources. These systems generate and host vast amount of data which is well-structured in its own way to fulfill a specific need.

Apart from this structured data, enterprises also store massive volumes of unstructured data in the form of e-mails, documents and images. Both the structured and unstructured information is required to be stored and retained within these systems for various strategic business and regulatory requirements.

As the information accumulates in the production servers, the performance of the systems starts deteriorating; storage need grows; disaster recovery, backups and upgrades take longer - leading to extended business outages. Today's dynamic enterprises cannot afford these outages

DATA EXPERTS offers validate customer's infrastructure related to Informatica's Product Availability Matrix, verifying the Data Management instillations pre-requisites are successfully completed before performing the instillations, Documentation of the present configuration utilizing the automated documentation tools, verifying the data quality environment to reduce the security risk.